You never fail until you stop trying.

Albert Einstein

Instant gratification rules the world we live in today. We look for results. If I need to contact you or want to hear from you, I can send you a message to your phone which you carry everywhere. So, we get our reply, quickly without waiting. Communication is not the only thing we want now. If we are challenged to learn a new skill or accomplish a task and it is difficult, some give up. If it did not go properly on the first attempt, we are done.

Think about the implications of stopping. Babies would never walk. Buildings would never be built. Populations would die because we failed on the first attempt. Babies learn to walk. People learned the math and methods to build structures hundreds of feet high. The world has billions of people.

Failure is an opportunity to learn. It is not final. When you stop trying. That is final.

Never stop trying.

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