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  • My Heart Aches

    My heart aches. It seems impossible but these events continue to happen. Day after day the news is filled with stories of needless violence and the death of innocents. Society gasps and offers a moment of silence but since it does not affect them directly, they go on with their life after offering encouraging words. […]

  • Scraps

    I look around myself and I found scraps of incomplete thoughts jotted down on paper or in a document. It seems like my mind cannot commit to completing a thought or formulating an idea or a transition phrase. I think it is more of an indication of where I am as a person. I am […]

  • Words

    It is easy to read the quote and understand the power of words. Most of us know from personal experience the affect of words on our psyche when we are most vulnerable. We realize that the intent was not malicious. It may even be more the delivery of the words than the words themselves. How […]

  • Often Enough

    Some days the desire to create burns like zinc in my soul. It burns so hot and bright. It is almost blinding. But just like that fire of zinc, it is quickly consumed. There are so many ideas that circulate with in my mind, that grasping onto one and wrangling it into something coherent feels […]

  • Ramblings

    Sometime it is more important to create than to examine the creation deeply.

  • What’s today?

  • My silence

    My thoughts and my words defy me. They refuse to come in coherent organization lately. I cannot string a viable sentence or thought together. This is the reason for my silence. It really is not a good reason. It simply is a reason. Maybe if I sit down and type or write with pen and […]

  • The Voice

    The Voice The voice out of the past reaches out and grabs me. It brings to me such bittersweet memories. Filling me with the essence of it. Allowing me to see and hear the things I’ve missed. The wisdom that it eschews Advice so freely given. Lessons that it taught Taking me to a higher […]