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  • I am Vain

    There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth. -Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Recently, I discovered that I am vain. In no way, shape or form would I ever consider myself as “buff” or “handsome” or any other extraordinary descriptive term. I do not consider myself ugly […]

  • Failure is Good

    What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Vincent Van Gogh How many are paralyzed by the fear of the attempt? What greatness is never achieved because someone did not try? Where would life be? We are called to greatness. We are called to live. Life is experienced. It is experiences. […]

  • Goodness

    Dig deep within yourself, for there is a fountain of goodness ever ready to flow if you will keep digging. Marcus Aurelius When you listen or watch the news, it paints a bleak picture of humanity. The voice drones on story after story talking about the atrocities committed locally and abroad. There are so many […]

  • Fame or fortune

    People don’t care who you are. They need you to care who they are. When you do that, you have enough of a platform to influence lives.   Tony Dungy The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge   Tony Dungy in his daily meditation book, relays a story of a family reaching out to him […]

  • Seeds

    We tend to value the things that we can take home. Things that we see immediately and can benefit from possessing it. If we go about it this way, will we ever possess enough? Does the pursuit of the harvest ever end? We are looking at it wrong. We are looking at life as it […]

  • BYU, BYU, oh BYU

    Recently, the BYU women’s volleyball team hosted the Duke University women’s volleyball team for a match. During the match, members of the home crowd hurled racial slurs at a member of the Duke team. Nothing was done to stop the attacks. Apparently, security was assigned to Duke’s bench because the player’s safety was threatened, yet […]

  • My Heart Aches

    My heart aches. It seems impossible but these events continue to happen. Day after day the news is filled with stories of needless violence and the death of innocents. Society gasps and offers a moment of silence but since it does not affect them directly, they go on with their life after offering encouraging words. […]

  • Scraps

    I look around myself and I found scraps of incomplete thoughts jotted down on paper or in a document. It seems like my mind cannot commit to completing a thought or formulating an idea or a transition phrase. I think it is more of an indication of where I am as a person. I am […]

  • Change

    It is not a secret that we need to change. As an individual, I must change some of my habits to make me a healthier and wealthier human being. There are changes needed to make me a better human. Making these changes depends wholly on me making the decision to make the effort to make […]

  • Words

    It is easy to read the quote and understand the power of words. Most of us know from personal experience the affect of words on our psyche when we are most vulnerable. We realize that the intent was not malicious. It may even be more the delivery of the words than the words themselves. How […]