I look around myself and I found scraps of incomplete thoughts jotted down on paper or in a document. It seems like my mind cannot commit to completing a thought or formulating an idea or a transition phrase. I think it is more of an indication of where I am as a person. I am in a transition whether I like it or not. There are things that I need to do for myself to help me move forward. These things might not only help me move forward but may make it possible for me to move forward.

So, today there are scraps of ideas that might help me move forward or not, but they are what I have. Keep on working on the scraps and hopefully I will find a whole.

One response to “Scraps”

  1. Nothing wrong with scraps. A bunch of scraps can mean a page of writing. I too function off scraps, because it’s not as if I have a fully-fleshed idea when it first sparks in my mind. But with a bit of percolating over what I have, that’s where the magic happens. Wishing you all the best with your scraps!

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