Tag: Shooting

  • Conversations

    Are you ready for the conversation? You know the conversation. It is going to be difficult. It is going to be very difficult and if held properly move emotions to the extreme. So, it could be loud. It could be an argument. It could offend. But it must happen. We must find a solution to […]

  • My Heart Aches

    My heart aches. It seems impossible but these events continue to happen. Day after day the news is filled with stories of needless violence and the death of innocents. Society gasps and offers a moment of silence but since it does not affect them directly, they go on with their life after offering encouraging words. […]

  • Never understand

    There are many things I understand. And many things, I can explore to understand better. But there are some things, I will never understand and do not care to even research. I am a person that has always asked why. I asked this even when the why was not important and more significantly, not coming […]