Never understand

There are many things I understand. And many things, I can explore to understand better. But there are some things, I will never understand and do not care to even research. I am a person that has always asked why. I asked this even when the why was not important and more significantly, not coming forth.

I will never understand the current trend for senseless violence and shooting random victims. It hurts. It hurts to the core. I describe the violence as senseless but is there a positive violence. Is there ever any reason to commit violence? Is there ever a reason, to walk up, and shoot random people? If someone provided you with their reasoning, would you accept it? I cannot imagine any rationale.

The true question is, how do we stop it. How do we create a value of all human lives for a human? There is the true question.

Mourn with me for the lives lost.

Search with me for the answer to this question, how do we create compassion within each human being?

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