Are you ready for the conversation? You know the conversation. It is going to be difficult. It is going to be very difficult and if held properly move emotions to the extreme. So, it could be loud. It could be an argument. It could offend. But it must happen. We must find a solution to the

mass shootings plaguing our society.


The first question that we immediately ask is why? If we think about it, does answering why matter in the immediate action to end the phenomenon. Most of the more newsworthy stories have varying causes with a stretch for a common thread. Identifying the why might help but it will not immediately lead to stopping these shootings from happening. The “why” is not trivial but identifying it will take time nor will it create immediate change that stops this from happening again.

The immediate question we should ask is how it continues to happen. This is where the conversation becomes volatile. The immediate response is to blame the firearms industry. The availability of firearms to be purchased easily and quickly. There are some safeguards in place, and they differ throughout the country.

Next, almost every situation the shooter has an underlying mental issue. This issue is identified by those around them but there is no evidence that they are receiving any sort of care for their mental health. The stigma around mental health care is real. The cost of mental health care is high enough that it too is a barrier.

This continuing issue of mass shootings deserves an immediate response. If it does not get one, they will continue. Gun right advocates say that tighter laws will be an inconvenience to the legitimate purchase of a weapon. Let’s talk about the inconvenience of burying a school aged child compared to delaying owning a weapon.

Our tears are not enough. Our thoughts and prayers are not enough. We need action. Our society deserves it. We must demand it.

Demand the changes we need. Even if it is a band aid so we can get one aspect under control until we can address the bigger needs.

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