Failure is Good

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

Vincent Van Gogh

How many are paralyzed by the fear of the attempt? What greatness is never achieved because someone did not try? Where would life be?

We are called to greatness. We are called to live. Life is experienced. It is experiences. We need the courage to make the attempt. We huddle in fear of failure. Failure is not bad. Without failure, we do not learn. Imagine a child attempting to walk, giving up after a fall. That is failure. It is necessary. Through that failure, the child learns to balance. Learning to balance allows the child to learn to walk and then run. Failure is necessary for growth.

We look at failure as a negative. We fear it egotistically. We are concerned with the perception that others will have of us based singularly on a failure. If we are judged by our willingness and courage to make an attempt, the judgment passed does not belong to me. The courage to try and fail and learn will bring life’s lessons and its experience.

Life is active. To live to the fullest extent, we must have the courage to make an attempt. That will never change.

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