Dig deep within yourself, for there is a fountain of goodness ever ready to flow if you will keep digging.

Marcus Aurelius

When you listen or watch the news, it paints a bleak picture of humanity. The voice drones on story after story talking about the atrocities committed locally and abroad. There are so many stories that local news casts can go on for an hour, followed by a national news broadcast. Very rare in any of the presentation is a feel-good story. In fact, you may question humanity as you listen night after night. Listening to the broadcaster read stories without emotion and blending one story with the next with nary a breath, brings question to the goodness of humanity.

Somewhere within us lies goodness. Somewhere within each of us lies that pool of goodness. It is buried deeply in some, but hopefully it exists somewhere within them. Digging deep to reach the goodness is the key to advancing society. Society cannot dwell on evil and the daily atrocities. It must find goodness and kindness. The fortunate must find a way to help the less fortunate. It is innate. It is human. It is us.

I wonder, if we dig deep and find the goodness within us and share it through acts of kindness, if we may just find the happiness that we all seek as well.

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