Fame or fortune

People don’t care who you are. They need you to care who they are. When you do that, you have enough of a platform to influence lives.


Tony Dungy

The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge


Tony Dungy in his daily meditation book, relays a story of a family reaching out to him because their son just lost his fiancé in a car crash. They asked that Tony talk to him because they feared he was sinking into depression. Since Tony had lost a son tragically and suddenly, he could relate to the young man. Tony says that he spoke with this young man on several occasions and he could see that he was turning a corner. Finally, after he turned that corner, he asked Tony what he did. At that time, Tony was the coach of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, so he responded, I’m a coach. The young man then asked if he were a college or high school coach. Tony Dungy registered no name recognition with this young man, despite his high-profile job. The young man only realized Tony cared about him and could relate to him having lost someone tragically.

It is not fame or fortune that allows us to reach out and help people. Those qualifications seemingly would make it easier, but they are not necessary. If we are willing to help and truly care about the people and the cause, we will be successful. We must stop putting limits or credentials on our ability to be effective. If we do not reach out and try, we will never succeed.

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