We tend to value the things that we can take home. Things that we see immediately and can benefit from possessing it. If we go about it this way, will we ever possess enough? Does the pursuit of the harvest ever end? We are looking at it wrong. We are looking at life as it will benefit us. We are not living to leave a legacy, we are living to take our treasures with us. How can this be the correct approach? If this is our approach, we will leave no legacy and when we are gone, so too are the signs we walked the earth.


We need to adjust our perspectives and not only live for the here and now, but to live for the future. If we concentrate on the seeds we sow. The trees and ideas we plant and the happiness we can bring to others, would our lives not be more fulfilling? Our lives should be lived to stack experiences and using those experiences to fertilize and create the seeds we plant.

Life is an adventure. It is to be lived and experienced. We hold the birthright to spread kindness and good works to our fellow man. We cannot allow the pursuit of objects or the concentration on the negative blot out our sun and to stop our seeds from growing.

Be Johnny Appleseed, travel around and experience life.

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