My silence

My thoughts and my words defy me. They refuse to come in coherent organization lately. I cannot string a viable sentence or thought together. This is the reason for my silence. It really is not a good reason. It simply is a reason. Maybe if I sit down and type or write with pen and paper, I would find the coherent line of thinking I need to help unleash my voice. But, I did not make the effort.

I know that I am struggling. It is not only a mental struggle but physical and emotional as well. It is allergy season and it hits me hard. But these are just excuses. If you want something and it is worth it, you commit to it. I guess, I lack commitment or is it a decision on what I want. It is commitment that I lack.

Although, I do not think it is lack of commitment. It is lack of action. Lethargy is much easier than action. If I want to change things it not only requires the commitment to it. Change requires action.

Let me see if I can commit to some action.

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