The Voice

The Voice

The voice out of the past reaches out and grabs me.

It brings to me such bittersweet memories.

Filling me with the essence of it.

Allowing me to see and hear the things I’ve missed.

The wisdom that it eschews

Advice so freely given.

Lessons that it taught

Taking me to a higher plane of existence.

I long for the voice and the emotions it created.

Reaching over the distance of time.

Filling me with a longing for just one more touch of its smooth caress.

The desire and conviction it delivered.

Driving me to follow its heeding.

My mind revels in its echo.

Thoughts so freely shared.

Emotions so plainly delivered.

The voice in my mind sends shivers down my soul.

That voice shall never be silenced in my being.

It guides me and drives me from a distance.

Fills me with desire, haunts my emotions.

Oh to share that voice again,

Thrilling my soul, touching my heart, intriguing my brain.

The sweet caress, one more time felt, shared and lingered over.

Your voice holds the answer to my emotions and the cause of my questions.

Never still, never rest, never silenced.

The voice of reason and passion and intelligence rendered on my soul

Speak, so that I hear you.

Talk, that I know your call

Sing, that I feel your emotion.

Never silent, never resting, always faithful

Semper fidelus, carpe diem

Lessons of the voice.

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