The beginning

Today is the day that started it all. It is the day when the story began, 55 years ago. It has taken many twists and turns and many different avenues. Throughout them all, there is a story. One I have been not only telling but living. The thing about living the story is you often do not recognize the plot twists. You are too busy living the story.

We are all living our story. That is a very important role. To live our story to the fullest, we must be active participants. In your story, you want to be the hero, not the supporting character. That requires action on your part. For some, and at some points in life, it is difficult to recognize when we are influencing the plot or when the plot is influencing us.

I do not know all the answers or all the proper responses to where this story is going. I know that there are different chapters. Some chapters are longer than others and some have more action and less development. In life, it can be easy to get stuck in certain chapters. When we are trying to turn the page it can be difficult to let things go.

We look and say, we are not ready.

It is not perfect, It is not developed.

At some point, we have to make the decision, to turn the page and to move forward.

Here’s to the next chapter!

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