If I am ever asked what my favorite flower is I respond daffodils. Most assume that I like the yellow color of the flower. That is true to an extent although green is my favorite color. The truth is what the flower represents to me It represents hope.

The first time I noticed daffodils was when I lived in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. I can remember returning home one evening in early March. There was still snow on the ground. It was cold. The weather was being typical Pennsylvania weather. One day it was 60 degrees with sunshine and the next was 20 degrees with snow. It was a long winter. On this particular evening I returned home on this cold day and noticed the green shoots with the hints of the yellow bulb about to emerge. It moved me. It showed me that despite the cold, gray day, that spring was coming and the gray of winter would soon be behind us. That flower that day, gave me hope that warmth and sunshine were right around the corner.

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