Done enough?

I found a memory today on Facebook. The memory focused on the NCAA March Madness from 2021 when the inequity of the facilities for the teams competing in the Men’s and Women’s tournament. The article I posted that day redirected my friends to a quote from Dawn Staley, Head Coach, University of South Carolina Women’s basketball team. It says:

The real issue is not the “weight” of the swag bags; it’s that they did not think or do not thing that women’s players “deserve” the same amenities of the men.

Beyond posting the article to bring attention to the situation, did I do enough to advocate against this inequity?


I can list the things that I have done to advocate against prejudice. The question in my mind always remains, have I done enough? I try to raise awareness about these issues. We cannot accept treatment to diminish a group or even a person.


It cannot be acceptable at any point.


By anyone.

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