On letting go

It is not you that I hate. It is the part of me that will not let you go that I hate. It does not take much to bring my mind to you. As one would believe, it is always the good times that I remember. It is always the attraction, the pleasure, the fun. It is never the pain or the heartache. There was plenty of that as well, at least on my part.

In my wisdom, I recognize that the relationship was not good for me. It probably was not good for you neither. But there is something within me that brings me back to you and will not let me cast you aside like I should.

No, it is not you. You cast me aside. You walked away. You moved on. I have not. I have but can be there again in an instant. Even though, I know what you are and what you did. I hate that I cannot let you go.

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