Us vs. them

Looking around at life, I wonder how many times, when we are trying to help people, if we do the things we do, to make them more comfortable, or to make ourselves feel less uncomfortable.

I am not a parent, but I can only imagine the desire to remove all barriers for my child as they are fighting to learn and acquire new skills. How easy would it be to pick them up and carry them? Or to do that math homework, as opposed to struggle through with them and support them as they learn. Without a doubt removing the barriers of acquisition will not really benefit the child in the long run.

I see the same thing with my mother as she ages. How many things do we do, to make it easier for her as opposed to encouraging her to keep plugging at the task at hand. It is difficult to watch her struggle. It is more difficult to watch her give up.

We walk a fine line when we do things for the comfort of others. We really need to measure whose comfort we are satisfying.

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