Athletic Patience

As humans, we want many things in life. We make many beginnings and for various reasons we also make many endings. Well, we do not really make the ending, as it just stops. I guess it is in our nature to want those things and not have the patience to execute until we have them or make them.

As a coach, I see this time and time again. An athlete enters the gym and wants to be good. They possess incredible athletic ability and have excelled because of that athleticism. Yet, there is a point where athleticism alone will not improve them. That is when the real athlete has to appear.

As long as development is easy, we push through. We do the work because it is fresh and we can see instantaneous success. It is those long, frustrating nights in the gym, working when everyone is gone, taking that extra rep, lifting that extra weight, running that extra spring, shooting that last shot. Those are the things that make the difference.

Is it truly the physical action that makes the difference? That is where experts probably disagree. In some cases, correcting the physical form might be what makes a difference, but is the mindset of the athlete more important. They are convinced that they can become better. They are willing to work to improve. They believe there is more to learn. They hope that this extra effort will payoff, so they continue to do it.

If we approach life with this attitude, is our life improved. If we decide that making the effort to achieve that thing we want, regardless of the pain, or the time is worth it, Then we will work tirelessly to achieve it. We need to look for those things that we are willing to make that effort and pursue them relentlessly. We only fail when we stop trying.

Patience is a virtue and our efforts will bring value if only to ourselves. It certainly will provide a legacy.

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