This week, we realized the anniversary of the crash that killed Kobe Bryant along with his daughter Gianna as well as the other passengers of the helicopter. There is not a doubt in my mind the impact of this crash had on me. It made me wonder about legacy. Kobe was young. I remember him emerging from high school and having the audacity to want to forego college and go directly into the NBA. I could never imagine the impact he would have.

But I do not want to focus on Kobe or his legacy. I want to live my life as he and many of the others who have died during 2020 did. I want to live my life knowing that the actions of my life are focused on making a legacy. I want to make an impact and create change.

How can I do this? The quote mentions “your story”. I believe this means that the actions of my life cannot be focused on leaving a legacy but focused on living the legacy I want to leave. I want to affect people in a positive manor and there are so many ways to do this.

Be kind.


Be positive.



Be compassionate.


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